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Middle East News

  • British Airways warns of more flight cancellations after snowstorm hits London
  • Pack light for Paris: Delta to charge basic-economy passengers $60 to check a bag to Europe next year
  • Part-time landlords: Don't forget to give Uncle Sam a cut
  • These cities are best (and worst) for drivers
  • Department of Transportation drops proposal to force airlines to disclose bag fees
  • Hotels around the world are feeling China's curbs on money leaving the country
  • Boeing CEO says 'tax reform is the single most important thing' for US economy
  • Cramer Remix: Yes, Allergan is the anti-bitcoin
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    • Book loss in cadilac and sunpharma traded on 24-11, net loss : 8800--
    • Buy HDFC @ 1683 (1000 QTY) and sell HDFC bank @ 1860.20 (1000 QTY)
    • Book loss in NIFTY and bank nifty traded on 16/ loss : 40-